Thursday, 24 July 2008

In Passing

Another reason I’m glad my life is *outside* of “corporate”

Jeff Jarvis has an ad running on his site.
Buzz Machine screen shot, July 24, 2008
(That’s it, the one in the upper-right corner. Headed “Bottoms.”)

The ad, featuring a “crotch in colored underwear” has met with negative reaction from some readers (who found it distracting, irrelevant, or “sending the wrong message”). Marketeer Michael Madej thinks otherwise, but wonders

The only question mark in my mind about this ad is its appropriateness in the workplace. I noticed the ad yesterday on Jeff’s blog. I remember seeing it, being surprised that it was appearing on a business blog, and intentionally scrolling farther down the page so nobody saw it on my screen. So in that sense, it might be a little too edgy.
I guess it’s good that things change:  Just imagine if we had yesterday’s newspapers in today’s hyper-sensitive workplace. Why, you couldn’t allow a newspaper on the premises unless someone carefully obliterated all those double-truck lingerie ads the department stores used to run. (And no Sears catalog, either!)

(Jeff has a post here.)

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