Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dear Diary...

Ave atque vale

September, 1998 - November 19, 2008


Elsewhere:  Mark says farewell to Murphy.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dear Diary...

Service resumed

Apologies for the interruption.

(There might have been a post or two last Friday, except that my ISP picked that day to crash its password server.)

Then, spent the next three days away from internet service, eating too, visiting the Schmidt Museum, and prowling through a store full of used books.

More to come, after I get things caught up. Meanwhile, here's a picture of a 100+-year-old Gingko biloba.

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Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Dear Diary...

Election day report

Voted this morning about 8:30am (polls open at 6:00, but since I’m not needed at work until around 10:00, I usually skip the early rush by morning commuters). This year they added a second precinct to my location, but voters had separate check-in lines and voting stations. The combined precincts resulted in a lot more electioneering (more signs and party representatives outside the polls) than in previous years, and more cars in the parking lot, but no line out the door.

We vote paper ballots with machine scan, and there are usually a couple of people waiting to use the isolation booths (actually a two-foot by two-foot counter-height podium with a screen around it). This year had the normal wait, nothing exceptional. My ballot was the 157th scanned, which IIRC is about 10% ahead of 2004. (My precinct has a lot of retirees who tend to vote early in the afternoon.)

There has been heavy early voting this year, but absentee ballots don’t get processed until after the polls close,[1] so I have no idea of the extent of early voting at my location.


[1]  Indiana allows you to vote absentee, then change your mind and show up at the polls on election day.

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