Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Sidebar additions/Sunday’s Blog•Meet

Presenting, in alphabetical order, the new sidebar additions thanks to Sunday’s Blog•Meet:

Assorted Meanderings, “Politics. Engineering. Science.”, conducted by Jack.  (Would that possibly be “MAD” science?  Guess we’ll find out!)

Pennsylvania Rifles is home of “PA State Cop,” who just got started blogging, but has a host of stories. (Now all  we’ve gotta do is convince him to start writing ’em all up!)

Both gentlemen are welcome additions to the circle, which this time around also included Joanna (“Glad I didn’t order a large!”) Roberta (pictures), Tam, Nathan (fresh from snowy Alexandria), Caleb (fresh from sunny California), Shermlock, Hagbard (hey, I want to know how you get comments where there’s no post), Shootin’ Buddy, and meTchopstix turned out to be all that was promised (and they have Kirin on draft!).  Only one Wayne this time, tho...

The next meeting appears to be coalescing toward March 21 (Indy 1500 weekend).  Discussion underway at Roberta’s place.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


February Blog•Meet - Sunday the 21st

Where the Reet Elite Meet ‘n’ Greet  Dept

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