Saturday, 31 December 2011


Around the neighborhood...

Loose Ends  Dept
Breda hangs it up (November 22):
My Work Here Is Done:  Every woman in my life now either has or is considering a gun for self-defense...
and Joanna shuts it down (December 14):
I've decided it's time to shut it down and start something new.  Ta!
Reminder:  Dormant blogs do not excuse one from missing blogmeets (see below).

The Confederate Yankee folks have relocated:
Mike [McDaniel] is launching his first solo blog, Stately McDaniel Manor...

I’ll [Bob Owens] be moving to my own self-named blog, which will consolidate the future political blogging I’d previously done on CY with the gun-writing I’d been doing at Bob's Gun Counter...
While I was distracted elsewhere, Brigid took Barkley for an icy walk...
Just a word of advice.  If youve spent 30 something years running, carrying big back packs, flying jets, rock climbing, dodging trouble and giving a cat a bath, do NOT try and walk your 90 pound lab down an icy sidewalk when a female golden retriever is going the opposite direction.  Just saying.
...and blew out her knee (ouch!).  She appears to be taking it well (well, as well as could be expected):
This last week, I did use one of the store scooters at the big box mart as there was no way I could get through the store on crutches for what I needed...

The scooter was sort of fun, though one of the greeters came over and asked if I needed help operating the controls (which consisted of forward, backwards, right and left).  Granted it might be more difficult than the T-39 (which was built when someone was having a sale on Relays) but I was good to go, thanking them for their help...  I was not only able to do a cookie in the chicken aisle, I found that the displays in electronic made for great S patterns at top speed.  I also disovered that fat guys with carts containing 200 bags of Tater Tots can move surprisingly fast when faced with a redhead in a Springfield Armory T-shirt, converging...
Enough to give anyone pause.  Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Either the last blogmeet of 2011 or the first blogmeet of 2012 is in the works for Sunday (yes, that’s tomorrow).  Email Roberta X for details.

Happy New Year, y’all!

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