Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Blogmeet report and link to caption contest

What with fighting a cold[1] and a hard drive simultaneously, I see I’ve neglected to post a report on Sunday’s blogmeet.  Short story: MacCool’s was worth the visit (the sweet potato french fries were an unexpected treat, the corned-beef-and-cabbage egg rolls... well, not sure!).  It was great meeting Joanna, official AoS Moron and Suggester Of the Venue.[2]   Some of the regular faces were missing, hope they can make it next month.

Shermlock takes the prize for coverage, not only for getting the first post up but also for the photos (including a caption contest featuring our favorite stardrive tech).  There’s more at Roberta’s, at Tam’s and a bit at Turk’s.

And you Missing Morons, eat your hearts out!


[1]  ...the cause of Sunday’s dulled mental acuity that resulted in me confusing Roberta’s URL with the name of Tam’s blog.  A cold.  That’s it.  The multiple Guinnesses had nothing to do with it.  Nothing whateverSo stop looking at me like that.  Stop it!

[2]  who fit right in with the Indy blogcrowd, and didn’t seen at all overwhelmed despite the fact that the other Indy Morons, being Morons, wimped out.

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