Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Dear Speaker Boehner...

Republican Fail (cont’d.)  Dept
While you’re waiting for all those contributions to roll in...
National Repulican Congressional Committee 'Pledge for Support for Speaker John Boehner'
...why don’t you get someone to look up Reichsfluchsteuer for you?

And then fuck you[1] and the horse you rode in on.


Bill Quick:
You thought Jonah Goldberg was kidding about Liberal Fascism, didn’t you?
(Hey, it ain’t only liberals.)

(120523 22:00):
Doug Ross:
...if we had any House leadership at all, Kathleen Sebelius would be called in front of Congress and the responsible HHS managers charged with illegal campaign contributions to Obama’s reelection effort.

But John Boehner is an intellectual and leadership lightweight...

(Reason and Zero Hedge via.Insty.)
[1] The relevant exchange:
STEPHANOPOULOS:  ...we saw a couple of senators, Senator Schumer and Senator Casey, yesterday introduce legislation about one of the Facebook founders, Eduardo Saverin, who's renounced his citizenship.  They say -- and they want to pass legislation that says anyone who renounces their citizenship should still pay all the taxes they owe and, if they don't, they can’t come back here.  Do you support that legislation?

BOEHNER:  Well, there’s already a law on the books, George, but this is outrageous.  This is absolutely outrageous.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  What’s outrageous?

BOEHNER:   That some -- that somebody would renounce their citizenship to avoid paying taxes.  Again, it’s already against the law.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  So you don't think you need this new legislation?

BOEHNER:  No, I'm not sure it’s necessary.  But...


STEPHANOPOULOS:  Would you support it if it is?

BOEHNER:  If it's necessary, sure, I would support it.
Tells you all you need to know, dunnit...?

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