Sunday, 08 July 2012


Mitch McConnell feels sad and misunderstood...

Republican FAIL   Dept
National Review: ...What’s your message to conservatives and tea-party activists who are suspicious of Republican leaders and their commitment to repeal [Obamacare]?

McConnell:  Boy, I don’t know how they could be suspicious on this issue.  Every single Republican in the House and Senate voted against Obamacare.  I must have made 125 speeches about it on the floor.  If there is any area where I don’t think conservatives of any stripe should be concerned, it would be this one.  We’ve been clear and unambiguous about Obamacare from the beginning to the end — all of it.
Well ya’see, Mitch, it’s because you and your Republican buddies in Congress-especially you guys in the Senate- have established quite a  reputation...

...not to mention that earlier in this same interview you said:
...we’re looking at all of the angles.  But our goal is to repeal it and replace it.
So already you’re doing it wrong.  And we’re supposed to trust you?

Randy Barnett (via Sebastian):
...if there are two things you cannot count on to protect liberty more than the Supreme Court, it is Congress and the Republican Party.
Bill Quick:  The Fourth Turning: Civil War

Via DrewM at Ace (and hey, Mitch, you should check out the comments.  You might learn something.)

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