Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Barn door, horse gone

Too late, baby, its too late  Dept
Hillicon Valley blog rewrites a White House press release:
Tech execs to confront Obama on spying

Executives from the nation’s biggest technology companies will meet with President Obama on Tuesday to discuss the revelations about National Security Agency surveillance.

The meeting will include Apple CEO Tim Cook, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and AT&T
(S’cuse me... AT&T?:  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)
... and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.

Several Silicon Valley giants including Google, Facebook and Yahoo are lobbying Congress to restrict the NSA’s powers and make the agency more transparent.  They warn that the surveillance is undermining trust in their services and hurting both their bottom lines and the U.S. economy...
Dear Techies:
Guys, your attempt at damage control comes too late.  Nothing that’s come out of the NSA since Edward Snowden began leaking has been believable (everything they say turns out to be lies), and we know that promises by the Pinocchio-In-Chief can’t be trusted.  ‘‘Period.’’

And we also know that the government will force you to lie to us about secret surveillance... and then to lie about lying about it.

So you’ll have a meeting, the government will lie to you, and you will turn around and lie to the us.

Trouble is, we now know better.  (And Snowden is still out there.)

And if Americans can’t believe you, why should Johnny Foreigner?

So guess what:  You fucked up, you trusted them.

(But maybe you can wrangle a few more H1-Bs for all your trouble.)

(131218 11:55)Whatta buncha maroons!

The Daily Mail:
Obama ‘hijacks’ tech executive meeting to make 'PR pitch’ on Obamacare website fix instead of dealing with NSA surveillance
• ‘We didn’t really care for a PR pitch’ about Obamacare, said one executive
• The White House telegraphed in advance that the president wanted to talk up his efforts to fix healthcare.gov, but no one in the room was interested
• Tech executives gathered in the Roosevelt Room to discuss the NSA’s overreach in seizing their digital records
• A federal judge ruled Monday that the practice violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees against unreasonable searches


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