Wednesday, 06 April 2011

In Passing

Senate holds the President to his own words - NOT

Never Mind!  Dept
This wasn’t a resolution to authorize operations in Libya but something far craftier — a resolution reaffirming Obama’s own words from 2007 that “the President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”   When Paul first introduced the idea last week, a flustered Harry Reid temporarily closed up shop to keep it from coming to the floor.

Turns out he needn’t have worried.  The roll: 90-10 opposed. Disgraceful.
...Since Democrats weren’t about to let this pass, there’s no reason Republicans should have let... [procedural objections] deter them from supporting it — if only to remind The One of what a hypocrite he is.
37 of the 47 Senate Republicans skip yet another chance to define the differences between the parties (or, alternatively, to remind the Democrats that Republicans can play politics, too), and instead vote to “get along by going along.”

Included in the 47, unsurprisingly: Indiana’s pair of establishment squishes, Coats and Lugar.

The list[1]:
Alexander, TN
Ayotte, NH
Barrasso, WY
Blunt, MO
Boozman, AR
Brown, MA
Burr, NC
Chambliss, GA
Coats, IN
Coburn, OK
Cochran, MS
Corker, TN
Cornyn, TX
Crapo, ID
Enzi, WY
Graham, SC
Grassley, IA
Hatch, UT
Hoeven, ND
Hutchison, TX
Inhofe, OK
Isakson, GA
Johanns, NE
Kirk, IL
Kyl, AZ
Lugar, IN
McCain, AZ
McConnell, KY
Murkowski, AK
Portman, OH
Risch, ID
Roberts, KS
Rubio, FL
Shelby, AL
Thune, SD
Vitter, LA
Wicker, MS

They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity...

Although. as Glenn Reynolds notes:
So the headline should really be Senate Rejects Obama View Of War Powers 90-10.  Right?  Of course, only after Obama himself rejected it...

[1]  Republicans voting Aye to table (i.e., reject) Paul’s amendment.

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