Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Not sacrifice, but power

After posting this quote:

Chris Davies, a British member of the European Parliament, is proposing one of the most-extreme measures -- a prohibition on any car that goes faster than 162 kilometers (101 miles) an hour, a speed that everything from the humble Honda Civic on up can exceed. He ridiculed fast cars as “boys' toys.”
Glenn Reynolds asks:
Is it climate-protection, or social engineering? As I've said before, the hairshirt approach to environmentalism is a mistake, but some people can't resist it -- because for them, the hairshirt isn't a bug, but a feature.
But you can bet that Chris Davies and his friends in the номенклату́ра[1] won't be among those who wind up wearing hair shirts. For Mr. Davies and those like him, it's all about getting jollies by issuing the decrees that control other people's lives. (And I count Mr. Davies a member of that group on the prima facie evidence that he is a MEP. Q.E.D.)
[1] in the Djilas sense. See also Live Earth carbon footprint, private jets for Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore's electric bill, etc., etc.

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