Monday, 18 January 2010


OK, RINO apologists. Tell me where I’m wrong.

In the comment thread of this post at Daily Pundit, poster “TraitorHater” lamented:

Why Republicans don’t run on a program of deregulation and ending corrupt interventionism picking winners and losers this year, which because of the lousy current House and Senate campaign committees it appears they won’t do, I can’t understand.
To which I replied: Because:
  • Because deregulation reduces the power of the government and, by extension, the Republican establishment.
  • Because without regulation it’s harder to do favors for your buddies in business or in the pressure groups…
  • …or screw the folks who aren’t your buddies, which makes it harder to extract protection money campaign contributions.
  • Because less regulation means less lobbying -> fewer post-congressional career opportunities.  (Horrors! Ex-congressmen might have to work for a living!)
  • Because deregulation means that people have more opportunity to do what they want, instead of what they’re told…
  • …which is anathema to the political class and the “educated” (see David Brooks)
  • And speaking of the “educated classes,” less regulation means less influence for the media, the academy, and the progressive internationalists/socialists generally…
  • also anathema to the political class and the “educated” (see David Brooks)
Vote ’em all out.

LATER (100120 17:55): Quoth Tam:
Nowadays we just have the Party of Big Government and the Party of Even Bigger Government and the easiest way of telling them apart is that one of them doesn't like abortion and gay cooties.

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