Friday, 31 August 2007


Stupid Stupid Stupid - #3 of a series

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America gets caught issuing fraudulent DMCA takedown notices (including one for a work issued under a Creative Commons license).

Oh, now they're saying they weren't real notices.

Let's see if we can get one for "our very own"!
Asimov Asimov Asimov Asimov Asimov

I'm not one of those "information wants to be free" absolutists. Creators have the right to make money from their works. But the present "intellectual property" regime is far too loaded in favor of the corporations that make up the Content Cartel.

Too bad Bill Quick is on vacation. I'd bet he'd have some interesting thoughts.

Oh, and by the way guys, this post is Copyright © 2007, Old Grouch.

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