Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The National Rifle Association and freedom of speech

Lots.of.discussion about the deal the National Rifle Association made to get itself exempted from what the Wall Street Journal calls “the latest Congressional attempt to repeal the First Amendment.

Folks are saying it was the right thing to do (or, at least, made the best of a bad situation), because the NRA gets its strength by being a “single issue” powerhouse, and that First Amendment issues shouldn’t fall within its purview (and besides, they could’t do anything about it, anyway).

Well, here’s my Og-styled view of that attitude:

If you stop opposing a plan to spread shit all over your neighborhood...

just because the shit-spreaders agreed to stay out of your yard...

Guess what...

When all is done,
everything is still gonna smell like shit.

(And should the bill pass, expect that NRA “exemption” to disappear soon after, in the name of “fairness,” don’t-cha-know.)

Oh, by the way, since when did supporting the First Amendment and advocating freedom of speech become a Republicans-only position?

Later (100620):

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