Friday, 15 November 2013


Unconstitutional? So what?

Eugene Kontrovich:

...Here, Obama is apparently suspending the enforcement of a law for a year – simply to head off actual legislation not to his liking...

[But]... the fix goes far beyond ‘‘non-enforcement’’ because it requires insurers to certain new action to enjoy the delay.  This is thus not simply a delay, but a new law.

The ‘‘fix’’ amounts to new legislation – but enacted without Congress.  The President has no constitutional authority to rewrite statutes, especially in ways that impose new obligations on people, and that is what the fix seems to entail.

Yeah, so who’s going to do anything about it...?

The Democrats?  Too busy running for cover, and besides, Obama’s their guy.
The RINOs?  Gotta help bail out their buddies across the aisle.
The conservatives?  ‘‘R-a-a-a-a-cist!’’  Also ‘‘wreckers and looters.’’
The press?  Not a chance; he’s a Democrat:
On NPR this morning, they were debating whether this change was incredible or merely really good.  The subject of legality never came up.
Oh, and George Bush was Really, Really Bad.
The Supreme Court?  Justice Roberts?  Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
The Justice Department?  Eric Holder?  Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Mr. Average Citizen?  ‘‘Shut up, there’s no standing for you!’’ (see Supreme Court, above).
The insurance industry?  ‘‘Nice business you got there.  Wouldn’t want it to be another AIG, would you?’’
The states?  ‘‘Hey, nobody here but us chickens!’’
The voters?  ‘‘We got our Obamaphones!’’

Welcome to Chicago-style government by decree.

And isn’t it a tragedy that, in our entire rotten government-political establishment, there’s not one honest man?

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