Saturday, 24 November 2007


Brit government to study "slow" digital radio uptake

From The Register:

[U.K.] Culture Secretary James Purnell has launched the Digital Radio Working Group to work out why more people don't want digital radio, and how to change their opinions.
With only 20 per cent of UK households being DAB-enabled (Digital Audio Broadcasting) then 80 per cent of the population are unable to enjoy the delights of Planet Rock's 12-track playlist or the joy of hearing BBC RNanGaidheal late into the night.
"Only" 20%? U.S. broadcasters should be so lucky.

More: Read the comments thread. Expensive receivers, poor reception, lousy audio, and unimaginative programming. Sound familar?

Elsewhere: HD Radio: 8-Track Tapes Of Our Age, Or The Next Big Thing?

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