Friday, 08 February 2008


Ain't it tweet

Innovative programming in the UK:

When digital radio station Oneword closed last month, it seemed that things couldn't get any worse for the broadcaster. But indeed they could. Gallingly, the temporary replacement on the old Oneword channel - a 1992 recording of birdsong, played on a loop - is causing more of a stir than its predecessor ever managed, with tens of thousands of listeners flocking to it. - Elisabeth Mahoney in The Guardian
A programmer friend once remarked, “If we broadcast a 1000-cycle tone[1] for ten seconds every day at 10:02am, it would attract listeners, who would then complain if we stopped doing it.”

Via Charles G. Hill, who warns:
Citadel please note. And that goes for you too, Clear Channel.

[1] Which tells how long ago that conversation was. None of those “hertz” things in those days: Cycles-per-second all the way!

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