Saturday, 29 September 2007


It was forty years ago today...

(Well, tomorrow, actually!)

That the BBC reorganized U.K. radio:

Forty years ago today, Britain had only three legal radio stations. There was the Light Programme, full of jolly tunes for housewives. There was the Home Service, full of plummy announcers and erudite discussion. And there was the Third Programme, full of gramophone concertos and stuffy operas.

Forty years ago tomorrow, all that changed. Suddenly there were four radio stations, numbered One, Two, Three and Four, and groovy teens suddenly had something worth listening to. Broadcasting would never be the same again. So let's remember the threshold of modern radio, established 1967.
From Diamond Geezer, who offers a host of links.

Oh, and get your very own Radio 1 badge here.

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