Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Don’t rely on your radio

Epic fail in Cincinnati:

WLW news light must be burnt out
Posted by: John • Sunday, September 14 at 06:24:22 pm

My brother-in-law, who lives in the Cincinnati area, called me because he knows I'm a radio nerd... His power's been out for 4 hours, and with the storms that have blown through today [Sunday - o.g.] (700,000+ customers without power in the tri-state area). His one source for news, was his battery-powered radio, and he was wondering if there was a radio station that would have coverage. WLW? Nope, the Reds are more important. WXVU? Nope. WKRC? No, but ironically the intro for the [weekend repeat of syndicated] Glenn Beck show samples some old cold war civil defense message telling folks to grab a radio and go to a fall out shelter. At this rate, if we ever did have to tune-in from a fallout shelter, I'm not optimistic there'd be anyone left on the payroll at these radio stations who'd know what to do.
2 million people without power across Ohio. 620,000 still without power (24 hours later) in Duke Energy’s service area (Cincinnati and environs). States of emergency declared in Ohio and Kentucky. Station boss’s response:
"In hindsight, I should have pulled the Reds"

Gee, ya think so?

(Sunday morning I had breakfast with the Sibling-In-Law in Columbus, Indiana. On the way home, shortly before noon, I drove past the building at 3212 Washington Street that houses three.radio.stations. The parking lot was empty, and Sunday morning’s paper still lay on the building’s front steps.)

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