Saturday, 27 June 2009


The day Michael Jackson died

Nobody Home to Notice Dept.

Radio: Whad-ya-say?
Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Jackson died Thursday.

And radio died right along with him.

Most radio stations just kept John Tesh rolling, Ryan Seacrest babbling and voice tracking mindlessly ploughing through the playlist.

By comparison Elvis died way before consolidation and within ten minutes most stations were broadcasting on-air tributes, news accounts and playing wall-to-wall Elvis.  (Not so easy when your local program is coming from national headquarters.)[1]

People not only remembered where they were when The King died, but which station they were listening to.

Not yesterday.

[1]  IMO, it would be reasonable to expect the national guys to be more on the ball and have more resources than any stand-alone local station.  Guess not, and guess there’s no one at home at the national hubs, either.

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