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And speaking of “marketoids,” what time warp is this one writing from?

Peter Smyth[1]:

Hello Everyone,

As we continue to work diligently to prevent the proposed XM-Sirius monopoly from becoming a reality, I have to ask the question that is slowly dawning on me: Why doesn’t Washington like free radio?
Hey Peter, word: It’s not just Washington!
Radio is the voice of vital information and safety,
...excepting weeknights after 6pm, mornings before 5am, and all day on weekends. Then you'd better hope the folks at the weather service push the right buttons on their EAS transmitter.
the voice of comfort and hope,
...recorded 500 miles away 3 days ago...
and the voice of collective action and change
...all the while running 20 minutes of commercials per hour.
From supporting our soldiers to sustaining our local food pantries, we are embedded deeply into the fabric of our communities
Communities that lost their local service so some group could turn it into another big-city rimshot.
... Our political leaders obviously understand the breadth of our reach and the depth of our impact on our audience in a given day. Why else would they buy time on our stations to get elected to office?
...nice office you got elected to there. Wouldn't want anything to happen to it, would you?
But somehow, instead of working with us, some members of Congress and the FCC continue to challenge the radio industry to prove that we are “worthy” of keeping our licenses.
You see, that was the deal. You get the licence free, in exchange for providing public service. No public service, you’re gonna get complaints. Hey, if you want to renegotiate things, I’m sure Congress would be eager to talk about a spectrum tax.
I find it absurd. I challenge them to leave the beltway for a day and go into the heartland. I invite them to visit Iowa and New Orleans and see firsthand where our listeners live and the beneficial role radio serves in providing a lifeline to the people.
...and you need to get out of Boston and listen to the kind of “service” the rest of the country gets. Hint: A lot of it resembles what bulls do to cows.
...I am weary from listening to the many politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who do not appreciate the contributions our industry makes to our communities or the problems we face in this challenging economy.
You overpaid for your properties, cheapened the product, fired all the talented people, and then chased away the listeners with boring programming and advertisers with lousy marketing.  Now you're in trouble. And this should be Congress’ problem because...?
Washington is willing to ignore the many transgressions of the satellite radio companies, who have violated almost every law and rule that ever applied to them, but wants to impose a raft of new legislation and regulations to dictate the programming and outreach decisions of local
Out-of-town owned, satellite-delivered, 24 hours a day!
(Don’t mention that 20 minutes per hour of commercials!)

Washington wants to give our competitor an unrestricted and virtually unregulated monopoly, so Howard Stern can disparage Dolly Parton with impunity, but will fine local radio stations $325,000 when a guest or caller accidentally says “the s-word.”
You mean S-U-B-S-C-R-I-P-T-I-O-N, as in “paid, voluntary”?
And yet, when the politicians really need to reach their constituencies, they turn to local, free radio. And we deliver.
(Don’t mention that 18-24 demo. Or the 25-54 one, either!)
Local, free radio represents every demographic and every community in the nation. We employ hundreds of thousands of dedicated and talented individuals, from every city and town in America.
...mostly in San Antonio, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc. Everything else we voicetrack.
We deliver local news, weather, traffic, and sports updates every hour
every day
365 days a year
Disclaimer: Not including weekends, holidays, weekdays after PM drive, weekdays before AM drive, mid-days between AM and PM drive, overnights...
. We raise hundreds of millions of dollars every year for local and national charities
...all the while paying not one penny for our spectrum space
and people in need.
(Can't forget those needy venture capitalists and those corporate VPs counting on that quarterly bonus!)
How in the world did we become the bad guys?
Ya know, if you have to be told... But here’s a hint: “Local radio” went away 15 years ago.

(Yes, I may be being a bit unfair here. But only a bit!)

Via: Hear 2.0
Note on source link:  This link will be valid until July 30, 2008.  The one at the top of the post should work thereafter.

[1] President and CEO of Greater Media

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