Monday, 18 August 2008


Clueless, yet again

Today’s Executive Branch WTF:

Ten days before Russian tanks and infantry invaded the democratic and pro-Western Republic of Georgia, the federal government’s Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) terminated all Voice of America (VoA) radio broadcasts to Russia, The Washington Examiner has learned. This means that throughout the still unfolding international crisis, a key communications tool that helped win the Cold War for the United States has been mute...

VoA employees are still working overtime to broadcast to Georgia, but they have also been informed that their mics will go dead Sept. 30. Dismantling such a proven means of communication with people trapped inside hostile regimes is so astonishingly stupid, it makes one wonder what planet members of the BBG board have been living on. - Washington Examiner
How about “indifferent to American interests?”  No, “Astonishingly stupid” it is!

Too bad there’s nobody home at the White House.

Naming names:
Broadcasting Board of Governors:
Board Member List (note that the Chairmanship is vacant)
Two media moguls (Univision + Telemundo, Patriot Media cable), two lawyer-consultants (Kalorama Partners, Public Strategies) a talk show host (whom I hadn’t heard of). And Condoleezza Rice. Joy.
Send them your love.

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