Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Got questions? Tam has the answers!

  • It's a joke, you simpleton.
  • Dan Rather.
  • An IQ test, and you failed.
  • Your mom.
  • Charles Darwin.
Start here.

(It’s all Robb Allen’s fault!)

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Would make me look. Maybe twice.

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Spreading the credit

I guess that it’s a good thing that whenever I start to develop that know-it-all attitude I get a reminder that I’m not always up-to-date on the latest web fads.  This particular one reached me late, with no information about its creator.  Now that I know about it, I thought others might like to know, too.

In mid-May I received an e-mail (with the subject line: “FW: Cat Movie!!”) with this animation attached:

It was new to me, but, as it turned out, not new to the net.[1]  (Sissy Willis had written about it a year and one-half ago.)  I blame missing it on the lack of Flash on my system coupled with my creaky dialup, which has encouraged me to discourage my correspondents from sending me enormous files.  But this time someone did, and fortunately for me someone else, somewhere along the line, had WMV-ed it, so I was finally able to view it.

Unfortunately, like a lot of stuff on the web, the version I got came with no information about it.  Fortunately, a couple of days ago (in a post about cats who control their owners), Sissy linked to her earlier one.  So, off I went to find out more.

The cat is called (simply enough) “Simon’s Cat,” and his perpetrator is animator Simon Tofield, who is associated with Tandem Films, London [site requires Flash, unfortunately].  This particular film, Cat Man Do, is the first of (so far) four short Simon’s Cat animations, all of which can be found at the not-so-much-Flash official Simon’s Cat site

There’s also a book, which is due out in October.

So, now you know.


[1]  If it should happen that you are one of the five people on the net who have managed not to see this yet... well, go look (and then come back)!

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Thursday, 23 July 2009


Turk wants a new QUANGO

There actually isn’t any Stapler Policy Center, but there should be.
...because it’s more necessary than the VPC.

UPDATE 090723 22:35: In the comments, Turk says he “had to Google ‘QUANGO.’”  For more on QUANGOs, see this and this.

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Friday, 17 July 2009


Life would be incomplete without it...

Wonders of Technology Dept

Begin by adding a canholder.  Then...
All it needs is a cigar lighter and you’ll have your alcohol, tobacco, and firearms covered in one tidy package.
...sez Alice H at doubleplusundead, where you can see what this one is hanging off of.

(Frank J. gets the blame for starting this.)

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Random Linkage - July 17, 2009

I can’t write because I’m too busy reading Dept

Mmm-mmm Good!
Thanks to “Mætenloch’s” comment at Ace: Oatmeal Stout and Heath Bar Ice Cream
(I wonder if that recipe would work with Taddy Porter and Oreos?)

O’Sullivan’s First Law Strikes Again
Dick Morris considers Obamacare’s likely effect on the elderly and wonders, “Where’s the AARP?” (Hey, It’s not about the old folks, it’s about advancing the progressive agenda!)
Via Billy Beck, who says the AARP’s “foolishness” is watching people dressed in their Sunday best, laughing and having a good time on line for the Zyklon B salad-bar.
and that the answer is not the status quo, but to destroy the current “evil-in-its-roots” (socialist) system altogether. (HT: Tam.)

Shall we blame Canad(a/ians)?
Joanna contemplates Canadian-style healthcare:
They were completely helpless in the face of outside forces, so instead of taking initiative to try and solve a problem or expedite a process, they let the system roll over them

Candidate for The Curmudgeons Club
Blue Witch:
It seems that I'm not the only one who finds the whole current obsession with fluffy unreal electronically-based “life” less than fulfilling and completely unstimulating/incomprehensible.
(Go look, there’s even a Venn Diagram!)

Long time passing...
McGehee and Charles G. Hill, each musing on auld acquaintance.
(One whose words I miss is Will Warren, whose “Unremitting Verse” brightened and enlightened the days after 9/11. A partial archive remains here. It’s more than worth a perusal.)

You’ll never miss me till I’m gone
In which Brigid demonstrates that one of the best ways to provoke reader comments is to make your reputation as a great writer, then anounce a blogging hiatus.

Better ask Rachel Lucas

Don’t let ’em push your Guilt Button

...which segues right into: Cat stuff
They do, in fact, control their owners
... not that this should be news, particularly. (HT: Joanna)
A pair of 2nd Birthdays at Breda’s
Happy Birthday, Tighe and Ronan!
It’s Cats and Kids at Meryl’s
Laurence has a Hipcat.
“ a Senator and his doxy, frozen in scandal”
(So where’s the pictures, already?)

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Friday, 10 July 2009


Ready - or Not?

Is your city prepared for a home-made nuke?

Via Instapundit, who notes:
I was discussing fallout in Administrative Law class... and realized that today’s law students have virtually no understanding of things that were common knowledge in my Cold War childhood. I suppose that’s a good sign overall, but . . . .
Radio Unprepared for Another 9/11
How is an industry that can’t stop the voice tracking and can’t even do the weather going to cover another emergency the level of 9/11 or worse?

The short answer is – it can’t.
Read ’em both.  And pleasant dreams.

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Yes, they are...

SayUncle is discovering some differences between cats and dogs.

Related:  Meet Shadow and Diamond.

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Wednesday, 08 July 2009


As three days became three years...

Via:  Laurence

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Tuesday, 07 July 2009


Bobbie has a new blog

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