Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Zombie question of the day

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Life is an audience-participation activity

Tam on situational awareness.  Go.  Read.  Now.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010


Smoking Gun? Try MELTED!

Data, cooked?  Dept
Hot Time In the Old Town:
Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, really got cooking this July 4th around 9:59AM, according to NOAA and Coast Watch.  It was there, at the bottom left row of the temperature data points, that the records reveal on that day a phenomenally furnace-like 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
Unanswered so far is whether the erroneous data were discarded, or if it “conveniently” found its way into global temperature models.  Oh, and by the way, northern Lake Michigan has boiled dry.

Via Ace.

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Thursday, 05 August 2010


“Guilty until proven harmless.”

Chippin’ away  Dept

City Hall is a landmark in downtown New York – a dignified classical building with wide steps leading to the traditional fluted colonnade fronting, standing on a large open parcel of lawn.  The last time I walked past it, several years ago, the steps were peopled by local politicians and other functionaries, favor-seekers, reporters, and the usual assortment of Runyonesque characters that typically surround the City’s bureaucracy.  Anyone could wander up as the limousines, taxis and cars pulled up, observe comings and goings of mayors, councilmen and lobbyists, and mingle for a moment or two with the municipal machinery and absorb no small dose of all the varied fauna that feed and feed off the public purse.

No more.  Now the huge iron gates are closed and locked. Barricades of formidable size and sturdiness, emblazoned with the word STOP in two-foot-high letters, declare that no traffic shall pass.  The steps are deserted.  The once-busy lawns are lifeless, empty. A cordon of gleaming blue and white police cars flanks its borders.  It’s a ghost town.

One might reasonably conclude that whoever might be inside that building now, they are scared to death.
- “nemo paradise,” Modern Times (and RTWT)

Around here, the “search all the citizens” program got started a few years back when the county’s judges became worried that the armed deputies routinely present in their courtrooms were insufficient protection from the less decorous members of the hoi polloi.[1]  When the courts outgrew the court wing, they mandated it for the entire City-County Building. Now you must take off your belt and shoes, and surrender your nail clippers, before you can register to vote, attend a zoning hearing, or pay your property tax.

Of course the mayor, councilmen, and bureaucrats never uttered one word of objection.

[1]  A former deputy prosecutor friend tells of an old-time (but not that long ago) judge who handled his protection worries– without bothering the innocent– by packing a pistol while on the bench.

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Monday, 02 August 2010


Today’s Ruling Class update

Rabble rouser Jules Crittenden offers a bouquet of apoplexy-inducing links.

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