Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Demonstrating how it’s done

Artistic Excoriation[1]  Dept
Ed Morrow engages in a bit of “hate speech”:
I hereby promote hatred for an “identifiable group.”  That group is the politically correct, mealy-mouthed, oppressive, petty, puffed-up, would-be-Hitlers that wish to destroy freedom of speech.  They blight your otherwise dandy country and are, unfortunately, rising to power in every corner of the once Free World.  I hate this “identifiable group,” which includes you, Provost Houle.  I urge any and all to hate you and your kind, to loathe you, to taste bile at the thought of you, to shudder at your approach and rejoice at your departing, to see your shadow and draw back as from a viper...
And that’s just getting started.  I am in awe!  RTWT.

[1]  HT:  Zoe Brain (in the comments)

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