Monday, 30 June 2008


Making their little heads explode is so much fun

Can you say “cognitive dissonance,” boys and girls?

In San Francisco, the NRA was joined by the Washington state-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and a gun owner who lives in the city’s Valencia Gardens housing project as plaintiffs.

The gun owner, who is gay, says he keeps the weapon to defend himself from “sexual orientation hate crimes.”[1]   He was not identified in the complaint because he said he fears retaliation. - AP story posted at Fox News, June 28, 2008: “NRA Sues to Overturn San Francisco's Handgun Ban”
Wherein the lefties get to decide whether gun control is about “protecting the victims” or “keeping the proles under control.”

Via:  Roberta X, who was busy reading the web on Sunday so I didn’t have to.
[1] “...In SAN FRANCISCO???!!” - comment by “Tony737” at Hot Air.  Well, yeah...

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