Sunday, 27 May 2012


What we have is a failure to communicate

I swear, kids these days:

-I left a lot of messages on her Facebook wall.
-Facebook!  Facebook?  Why don’t you email her?
-No one has an email address, dad.
-Well, they might, but they wouldn’t look in their inbox and answer you...
-Why don’t you call her on the phone?
-She’s like my friends.  She doesn’t know how to answer a phone.
-What do you mean?  They all have $500 phones.
-They don’t know how to answer them.
-How can that be?
-They all are iPhone type slabs and they have to lock them so they don’t butt-dial 911 and their mother twenty-five times a day.  They can’t unlock them fast enough to answer them.
-Well, why don’t you leave them a voicemail and tell them to call you back?
-Dad, they have no idea how to use voicemail.  All their mailboxes are full and have never been listened to.
-You’re making that up.
Also, why texting is not for communicating information...

Via Tam, who claims to have "sent maybe two dozen text messages” in her life.

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