Friday, 24 August 2007


Won't THIS put a twist in their shorts!

Can you say "collateral damage?"

 The story so far:

  • United States bans citizens from engaging in international internet gambling.
  • Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda files complaint with the World Trade Organization, charging that the ban violates A&B's rights as member of the W.T.O.
  • They win.
  • U.S. appeals. A&B win again.
  • U.S. fails to comply. W.T.O. acts to assess damages. A&B claim $3.4 billion.
So in compensation, Antigua and Barbuda
"...has asked the trade organization to grant a rare form of compensation if the American government refuses to accept the ruling: permission for Antiguans to violate intellectual property laws by allowing them to distribute copies of American music, movie and software products, among others. [Bolding mine - O.G.]
Details in this New York Times story.

Explosion from the Content Cartel predicted in 3-- 2-- 1...  And if this goes through, I know where I'm hosting my internet radio station.
Via Slashdot.

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