Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Press

And speaking of The Wall Street Journal...

...I’m just pleased as punch[1] to see them doing their part to advance the “politics of envy.”


[1] not.

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Monday, 10 November 2008

The Press

Guess what? The Los Angeles Times isn’t alone in withholding tapes...

...that might embarrass somebody in government.

On April 21, a driver living in Epsom, Surrey had watched online a BBC News clip intended to showcase the terrible consequences of speeding.  Using video footage taken from a safety camera van on a bridge overpass in Norfolk, the story inadvertently showed something BBC executives had not expected...

“The first part contained the usual dire warnings about the danger of speeding,” the motorist recalled.  “Later in the sequence actual videos made by the speed camera van were shown.  This included one video of a driver braking so hard on seeing the speed trap that he lost control and spun out all over the three lanes of the road.  After some violent fishtailing the car eventually collided with the central reservation and lost a wheel.”

The government broadcaster quickly pulled the video.

The motorist petitioned the BBC to release the video.  It refused.  He asked the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership for a copy of the raw camera footage that the BBC had used in its story.  It refused.  He petitioned the UK Information Commissioner who ruled that “journalistic content” is exempt from freedom of information laws. -
an individual who had taped the news program came forward with a copy of the censored video.
And you can see it here.

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