Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Press

‘‘Big changes’’ — sure thing!

Chasing the customers away  Dept
Spotted at WSJ.com:
‘‘Big changes are coming to WSJ.com. They will affect commenting, profiles, connections and email notifications. Learn more.’’
Anybody suppose those ‘‘big changes’’ will include fixing the site’s slow-rendering pages, CSS errors, broken javascript, or non-displaying comments?

Neither do I.

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Sunday, 08 December 2013

The Press

When editors ruled the earth...

Roberta turns a double subject into a charming epic:

(As commenter ScottH says... try reading it ‘‘in Ringo Starr's voice.’’)

Afterward, Roberta grumbles that In The Glorious 50-Baud Days, constructions such as ‘‘the tank it,’’ should they ever have made it as far as The Wire, would be followed by an immediate RESENDING.  Well, In Those Days, there were people called ‘‘editors’’ who usually caught such things before they escaped from the newsdesk.  Not to mention the final check by the guy/gal who punched the tape for transmission.

Nowadays just about anybody can hit ‘‘send,’’ although proofing your own copy remains just as damn difficult as it’s always been.  And once in the wild, I’m not sure anyone actually reads anything; transmission nowadays seems to be mostly cut-and-paste.

[1] Unnamed in her story, but he was a British Tank, after all!

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