Monday, 14 March 2011

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Press

Not well done.

And why do they call it a “medium”? Dept
Tim Blair, looking for some earthquake coverage by the Australian Broadcasting Company:
The ABC’s 24-hour news channel is currently showing a four-month-old Pat Dodson speech about how Aboriginal reconciliation can help combat climate change.

UPDATE.  Now ABC 24 is running a review of the week’s major stories.  Old clips from Libya.

UPDATE II.  Unbelievable.  ABC 24 is now showing a three-year-old piece about Belgian identity issues.

UPDATE III.  Breaking news at ABC 24: a story about Lourdes … from 2008.

UPDATE IV.  Want earthquake information?  Here’s yesterday’s episode of One Plus One instead.  Mia Freedman talks about body image!

UPDATE V.  Two hours after the Japanese government upgraded the death toll to 600, ABC 24’s graphic still has it at 400.
And it doesn’t get much better...

LATER (110313): And once the coverage starts, where’s the context?
Okay, so what?  How “elevated” were those [radiation] levels?  Where do the “elevated levels” compare to a deadly level of radiation?  There is no context here and, as a result, we don’t know whether this is worrisome news or an outright disaster.
Back in the day, a good reporter’s Rolodex would have had phone numbers for real scientists who could answer questions like these.

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Monday, 07 March 2011

The Press

The new Newsweek is out...

...and Kaus isn’t impressed:

The general impression: staleness, meaning a lack of both a) editorial imagination and b) news.  Readers could be forgiven for checking for dust to make sure the magazine didn’t drop from the attic where they stored it around 1999.
I’ve been unable to understand all the excitement about Tina Brown since back in the day when she hired on at Punch to do what I guess was supposed to be a “personality” column.  (My reaction at the time: Who is this person, and what’s the point of giving her all that space?)  Admittedly (and to my continued amazement), since then she’s gone from strength to strength.  (Shows how much I know.)

But couldn’t the mag’s official relaunch have been better served than with yet another profile of Hillary Clinton, and yet another “influential women” article?[1]  After all, it ain’t named LifestyleWeek.  At least not yet.

[1] [added 110308] Jack Shafer:
One would think that with the Arab world spinning apart, political insurrection visiting Capitol Hill and the state houses, and the NFL going on sabbatical, the week would be so hot that Brown could stir-fry its ingredients for a sizzling meal.

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