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"Legitimate Voters Blocked by Photo ID Laws” read the headline of a July 10 Associated Press article. Sounds pretty damning.  It turns out, though, that the article lacked key information about [the] two Indiana voters that might have changed the whole tenor of the story.  The reporter, Mike Baker, failed to reveal that the voters in question actually have photo IDs and have used them in previous elections.
Whoops!  And they also have passports (which work as voter IDs in Indiana).  And the two are also over 65, meaning they could have voted absentee without an ID.  And they were actually allowed to vote provisionally, as the law provides.  Etc., etc,

None of which were included in Baker’s report.

Anyone surprised by this?  Anyone at all?

Via Gary Welsh, who notes:
This is yet another example of why you simply cannot trust anything you read in the mainstream media any more.  These reporters have a leftist agenda, and they won’t allow the facts to get in the way of their predetermined narrative, even if that requires reporting outright lies to the public.

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