Monday, 18 November 2013

The Press

‘‘The problem is that you’re not angry enough about this.’’

Stacy McCain deconstructs the Los Angeles Times’ Obamacare coverage:

One of the tricks of media bias is to confuse readers and viewers about who is the subject of the sentence and responsible for action.

A public that is half-educated — or, as is often sadly the case, miseducated — does not have the skills of rhetoric and logic necessary to analyze the ways in which they are deliberately misled by the media, but some of the tricks are so simple anyone can spot them.
[About Obamacare] Obama lied, and Republicans told the truth, accurately predicting that the implementation of ObamaCare would result in the cancellation of millions of private insurance policies.

You might think that, with truth so clearly on one side and falsehood starkly exposed on the other, no one could possibly be confused.

Ah, but you’re not a liberal newspaper editor determined to prevent the blame from being properly allotted to the Democrats.
Go read the whole thing... and then contemplate what else we’re not being told.

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Saturday, 09 November 2013

The Press

Another story missed...

When Pigs Fly  Dept
I don’t want an apology from Obama.  I want an apology from every shit-for-brains reporter who blindly bought his fantasies.
That’s assuming they ‘‘blindly bought’’ them...

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