Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Press

Not reporters. They’re the palace guard.

stevewhitemd, commenting at Le•gal In•sur•rec•tion:

When I was young (yes, that long ago), reporters (not journalists) were for the most part fairly liberal.  But they’d sell their mothers to get a story, because it was all about the story, the scoop, the right question, and getting it into print.  It didn’t matter if the target was someone they otherwise might defend and admire, if the story was there they’d go with it.

Particularly since they knew that if they sat on a story their competition across town might run it in tomorrow’s headline.

Now thanks to J-schools we have journalists, and thanks to their education we have narrative and not stories, and thanks to their shameless self-promotion we have important journalists, and thanks to JOURNOLIST all these important journalists coordinate their narrative to the demands of those to whom they owe their allegiance so as to be relieved of the fear that they might get scooped.

Too bad the 16 year old kid
didn’t know the rules, eh?

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