Friday, 23 November 2012

The Press

You *could* stop right there...

Glenn Reynolds:

Could it be that the Editorial Board of the Washington Post is a pack of pathetic political hacks

Oh wait, he’s not finished...
...pathetic political hacks who’ll engage in racial hate speech in order to advance the White House’s agenda?
‘‘...the White House’s Democrat agenda...’’ FIFY: Offer void when White House is occupied by a Republican.
Apparently, whole swathes of the electorate are illegitimate just because of their birth.  If you really believe that, you’re doing more to promote division than anyone who signs a dumb White House petition for secession. Disgraceful.
They really do believe.  As I said, yes.

elsewhere (121124):
William Jacobson has doubts:
Does the Editorial Board of The Washington Post even belief what it writes?  I doubt it.  It’s all part of their race card game.

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