Friday, 27 June 2014

The Press

Getting the lies out, continued...

‘‘Corrections’’ Don’t Matter  Dept
FUNNY, THERE WERE A LOT OF DEM PUNDITS AND JOURNALISTS SAYING OTHERWISE LAST WEEK:  Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker not target of criminal probe into campaign coordination.
Yabbut that was last week!

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Press

What’s important is that the lies get propagated.

‘‘Corrections’’ Don’t Matter  Dept
WASHINGTON POST backpedals from bogus Everytown school shooting map.

Ace of Spades HQ:  Dana Milbank ‘‘Grossly Misrepresents’’ Heritage Briefing on Benghazi to Make It Sound Like a Hate Crime in Progress’’
Ed Morrissey:
A number of other journalists have taken to Twitter today to [attempt to] shift the focus of the story off of Milbank and onto Heritage, the panelists, and everyone in the audience except Milbank and Saba Ahmed.  Milbank could have written a legitimate criticism of the decision by Heritage to host the debate, or of the panelists invited to the discussion...  However, that’s not what Milbank did, and it’s not the story today.  Milbank made specific accusations about the conduct of the panelists and the audience at one particular point in the panel presentation, using sliced-up quotes and loaded language to paint a very different picture, and presented it as a news report.  Today he doubles down on his ‘‘journalism’’ defense, even though yesterday he argued that it was all ‘‘subjective’’...

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