Wednesday, 01 October 2008

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It’s more than a little depressing to realize that I’ve been hanging around the web long enough to witness the revived New York Sun’s birth and demise.

A quick troll ’round my favorite newspaper-related sites found the death of The Sun curiously unremarked: Jarvis, Newsosaur, Gannett Blog, Don Surber, Stephen Waters, Jay Rosen... nothing. Well, perhaps everyone is preoccupied with their own concerns. (God knows, the media in general, and print media in particular, are having a terrible time of it.) Perhaps it’s because, with a paid circulation of only 40,000, The Sun was a relatively minor factor on the New York Media scene. Perhaps The Sun was doomed to fail; a dead man walking that (finally) fell over,

Or perhaps was the paper’s politics: By failing to be reliably left-wing, The Sun offended many of the chattering class, and drew hatred from the looney left (and the anti-Israel looney right):

Anonymous (not verified) says:

Great - another Zionist front goes down in flames. That they alligned themselves with right wing facist and racists says more about the moral aburdity of a movement which will take us all down unless we stop it.
Anyone might think twice before writing a post that draws scum like that.

I’ve not been a regular Sun reader (although I did link one of their stories yesterday), but from the impressions I’ve drawn and the reactions I’ve read, it appears that the paper’s backers set out to do “good” journalism, largely succeeded in doing so, and had fun doing it. Which, one would think, deserves celebration.  Not to mention respect and admiration for taking on the quixotic task of creating a newspaper from scratch in the 21st century.  Oh, well...

I find that I still have a bookmark set for Ira Stoll’s earlier Smarter Times.[1] I hope we’ll hear more from him – and the others who made The Sun what it was – in the future.

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[1] At the moment that URL points to The Sun’s archived front page from St.Valentine’s Day of 2007.

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