Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Press

"But all those conservatives look alike"

In our print edition, several captions for the photographs accompanying this report were inadvertantly transposed. Martin Kramer's photograph is identified as Norman Podhoretz; Daniel Pipes's photograph is identified as Kramer; Peter Berkowitz's photograph is identified as Pipes; Nile Gardiner's photograph is identified as Berkowitz's and Podhoretz's photograph is identified as Gardiner's. NEWSWEEK regrets the errors.
Scan and snarkage at Daniel Pipes' place.

Elsewhere, later: Martin Kramer says it's all part of the Devious Neocon Conspiracy:
One of our occult powers is our ability to assume the physical traits of one another. This makes it much easier to elude our pursuers.

Via: Power Line

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