Wednesday, 04 March 2009

The Press

Just like Pravda in the old days


The [Chicago] Tribune covered the anti-protest smear, but didn’t cover the protest itself, leaving that to blogs, etc.  And we’re supposed to cry for the disappearance of newspapers?  Maybe if they actually did what they claim they do, people would miss them more when they were gone.  Heck, maybe if they actually did what they claim they do, people would actually subscribe now.  You never know.
John O’Sullivan[1]:
They often denounced “anti-Soviet lies.” These “lies” had never been reported by them.  Nor were they lies.  And their exposure was the first that readers had been told of them.  By reading the denunciation carefully, however, intelligent readers could decipher what the original story must have been.
In Today’s America, you find out what’s going on by noting what gets denounced in the establishment press.

[1]  More newspaper stupidity (or, How Not to Maintain Your Authority):  This link, from 2004, is now dead.  The quote (found by Googling) is preserved at Florida Cracker.

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