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The difference between Reporting and Punditry - ii

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Glenn Reynolds:
I don’t mind the journos who circle around tragedies so much.  I mind the ones who — as with Ferguson, the UVA rape hoax, or the Indiana pizza parlor — actively incite tragedies for political and pecuniary gain.  With Ferguson, the purveyors of the ‘‘hands up, don’t shoot’’ lie were perhaps too numerous to call to account, though someone should try.  But with UVA it was Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone, and with the Indiana Pizzeria it was Alyssa Marino and ABC57 News, all of whom are identifiable defendants…
Reporters report the news.  Pundits (or propagandists) make (up) the news.

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Journalists == Pundits/Propagandists.  Notice that's what all the youngsters in the business want to be known as -- journalists.

Nobody can be bothered to actually do real reporting anymore.

Posted by: Nathan at 04/08/15 19:59:09 (PnGUM)

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