Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Press

The headline you won't be seeing

This one:
General: Press Doing "Great Disservice" To Nation

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez’ speech and Q&A session at the Military Reporters & Editors convention has unleashed a whirl of major media coverage and commentary.... All are focused on his criticism of the Bush administration for inadequate strategy and prosecution of the war. However, neither the New York Times or Associated Press mention that over 40% of Sanchez’ speech severely took the major media to task. The Washington Post merely mentions it, and then underplays it at the end of its report, giving it 67 out of about 850 words in its coverage. [Story links in original, highlighting mine - o.g.] -- Democracy Project
Maybe it's because there are some things we're not meant to know.

[1] In which John Hinderaker offers two less-temperate headlines. I'd add another: General Says Soldiers Must Be Supported at All Costs.

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