Saturday, 09 May 2009

The Press

The Post has other priorities

Robert Stacy McCain:

The shooting death of Kwanzaa Diggs merited a mere two sentences in a Washington Post crime round-up column.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post devoted front-page treatment to the colonoscopy of a panda at the Washington Zoo.

Dear God, what has happened to journalism in America?  Is it any wonder that people hate “the media” so much?  Here you’ve got the case of a 17-year-old shot dead, two others wounded, a crime that indicates a systemic failure of local government, and the local paper is too busy covering pandas...?
Murder is news.  Rape, robbery and drug busts are also news.  And guess what?  Crime coverage, if done right, sells papers.  If the Washington Post can't be bothered to cover a shooting that leaves one teenager dead and two others wounded, what the hell is the point of publishing a newspaper?

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