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Bruce Bawer:
CNN [International] reporters kept hammering home the line that Hasan had been the victim of anti-Muslim prejudice by his military colleagues. Repeatedly they read out, and showed onscreen, a long statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemning the massacre — never mentioning, of course, CAIR’s well-established terrorist links.
Tim Blair:
The A[ustralian]BC’s Lisa Millar opened her midday report claiming to have “learned quite a lot about the gunman”, then revealed very little of it – apart from that Malik Nadal Hasan had “attracted a lot of harassment because of his last name” and “family background”.  This came about, Millar reported, despite Hasan being born and raised in the US.  Not mentioned in eight minutes of coverage: Hasan’s faith, which in a case like this is surely of interest.
America’s ABC eventually gets around to it, after listing various other biographical details.  In descending order of interest to that network:
• Hasan was an “army psychiatrist”
• He’d trained in Maryland
• He didn’t get good reports while assigned to Walter Reed
• He wasn’t married
• No kids
• His parents came from Jordan
Oh, and by the way ...
• A cousin describes him as “a pious lifelong Muslim”.
The paper [Los Angeles Times] has now whisked the original version of the story down the memory hole, and replaced it with a new one at the same Web address.  I knew they would do this, as they have a history of doing it. So I copied the whole text of the story as it appeared when I first did the post.  Read that here.  Then I copied a changed version at 6:46 p.m., after it was known that Hasan was alive.  That version also suppressed any mention of the items mentioned in this post. Read that version here.
Ace (added 091107 15:30)
Anyone See Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann Last Night?  ...Matthews and Olbermann kept trying to sell post-traumatic stress syndrome.  When it was learned this guy had never been in combat, they tried to sell the idea that he had PTSD from listening to other soldiers’ accounts of PTSD.

When it was revealed that he was Muslim, and hated the war, and was always screaming about the war, and hated Obama because he thought Obama would end the war, they continued trying to sell some kind of PTSD by proxy.

Matthews was particularly sick-making as he sounded very sympathetic notes about this poor, poor abused man, forced to deploy to a war he didn’t believe in.  Even after the facts were revealed, he was still trying to excuse this and blame this man
s mass-murder on Bushs foreign policy

I guess I don
t blame them for avoiding jumping the gun and blaming it on Sudden Jihad Syndome.  I guess I can understand the reluctance to engage in that kind of speculation.  (On the other hand, they sure were willing to speculate along the lines of every other conceivable motive.)

But once the facts came in?  And this fat butterheaded bastard is still trying to tell me that basically this is all my fault for starting a war that this poor man had to deploy to?

You can be sure that if the shooter’s name were “Timothy McVeigh Smith III” his background and ethnicity would be all over the news.  There would be no hesitency to conjecture about his motivations.  The headlines would be “WHITE SUPREMECIST or MILITIAMAN or ANTI-GOVERNMENT NEO-NAZI EXTREMIST OPENS FIRE ON SOLDIERS”.  And the AG, Homeland Secy, and FBI would be mobilized to fight right-wing extremism in a heartbeat.  Instead of giving shout-outs, Obama would be somber and lecturing us on tolerance and multiculturalism, and how this was caused by “hate radio.”

But since this was a Muslim with jihadi symnpathies, he is the real victim here, a “real American” (as his cousin stated) sent off the ledge by anti-Muslim bias and PTSD-by-proxy.
Bill Quick:
...I got up and as usual, turned on the local CBS radio channel while I shaved and did my situps.  I listen to this to get the conventional pundit wisdom, which the aptly-snarked Commie Broadcasting System delivers by the honeybucket load.

First thing up: A blabbering bimbette broadcaster telling us how awful it was that a soldier (unnamed) was forced into murderous insanity by the prospect of being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.  She then played a tape of an army wife and mother saying, “I’d almost rather hear that he was a terrorist than that he killed ten of his fellow soldiers because he didn’t want to be deployed to Iraq.”

Lady, don’t listen to the blabbering, America-hating bimbettes of broadcasting.  He was a terrorist, a jihadi who committed mass slaughter on behalf of his religion.

And I thought, What’s the use?  The mainstream media is completely in the camp of America’s enemies...

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