Wednesday, 24 July 2013

In Passing

Of course they did.

Im Shocked, Shocked!  Dept
The Washington Times:
Delaware state officials have told Congress that they likely destroyed the computer records that would show when and how often they accessed Christine O’Donnell’s personal [federal] tax records.
We could always ask the NSA if they’ve got anything.

UPDATE:  So much for that idea.

Via:  Ace, who says ‘‘I have had it.’’

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Monday, 22 July 2013

In Passing

So how many is that, congressman?

Political Hacks  Dept
USA Today:
House Speaker John Boehner says Congress ‘‘should not be judged on how many new laws we create’’ but on ‘‘how many laws ... we repeal.’’
Demonstrating that no matter how you look at it, Congress still sucks.

Via:  Insty

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

In Passing

I’ve got a better idea...

Political Hacks  Dept
The Hill:
Graham suggests US boycott Winter Olympics in Russia over Snowden
Instead, why not boycott South Carolina over Lindsay Graham?

Via:  Insty

UPDATE, elsewhere:
Imagine how much Putin would relish watching the U.S., which lectures Russia endlessly (and correctly) about rights abuses, throw an Olympic-sized tantrum over his decision to shelter a guy who’s selling himself as a champion of international civil liberties.  (I can also imagine the Kremlin press conference.  "Russia will not bow to fascism,’’ says The Leader with a smirk.)
And meanwhile, Bill Quick can’t wait for the primary.

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