Wednesday, 22 January 2014

In Passing

Next: ‘‘He hasn’t got a leg to stand on!’’

And now, idiots! Dept
Wendy Davis: My paraplegic opponent, Greg Abbott... ‘‘hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.’’
Wendy Davis Supporters: Our paraplegic opponent, Greg Abbott, is ‘‘running scared.’’

Maybe I should start a contest.

(This item posted only because folks on the left are supposed to be so exquisitely sensitive to hatefulness and discrimination and mocking the disabled and stuff...)

Links via Insty, here and here.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

In Passing

So which is it?

How can you tell a government spokesman is lying?  Dept
NSA Goes From Saying Bulk Metadata Collection ‘‘Saves Lives’’ To ‘‘Prevented 54 Attacks’’ To ‘‘Well, It’s A Nice Insurance Policy’’

Related (via Bill Quick):

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

In Passing

Rubes awaiting enlightenment

11 January 2014: Admission line for the final day of the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Matisse exhibit.

INDIANAPOLIS, 11 January, 2014:  Hoosiers line up for admission on the final day of the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s exhibit ‘‘Matisse: Life in Color,’’ after standing in another two-hour line to obtain tickets.  The museum extended its Saturday closing time from 5:00 p.m. until midnight in response to visitor demand.

Hey, don’t-cha know there’s no appreciation for fine art out here in the hinterlands!  None whatever...


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In Passing

Dickie, we hardly knew ye!

Good Riddance  Dept
Guess what!  Back in 2012, those troglodytes in Indiana’s Republican base recognized something about then-Senator Dick Lugar that the state party poo-bahs missed:
Former Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican, has given the maximum amount of money allowed under federal campaign finance laws to a candidate who hopes to help Democrats retain the Senate in the 2014 election.
The Lugar-backed 19th Star PAC gave [Michelle] Nunn $5,000, the most that a PAC can give an individual candidate, the Huffington Post reported.

After 36 years, Lugar lost his Senate seat from Indiana in 2010 when State Treasurer Richard Mourdock defeated him in the Republican primary by arguing that he was too moderate.
N.B.: ‘‘too moderate’’ = Washington-speak for being a petty, vindictive, bitter old man who would go to any length to maintain his personal power, and who would take his ball and go home rather than let someone else win.
‘‘When Dick Lugar moved to Washington, he left behind more than his house.  He left behind his conservative Hoosier values,’’ one Mourdock ad against Lugar told voters.  ‘‘Lugar’s been in Washington 36 years.  That’s too long. Time for a change.’’
Back at primary time, Ace noted:
...Reports that Dick Lugar is a mature, sober, responsible, modestly genial grown-up adult with a long-view take on things seem to have been greatly overstated.
...and last Tuesday night, ‘Maetenloch’ administered the coup-de-grace:
Well I guess he can finally stop pretending to be conservative and we can stop pretending he was really a Republican.
Indiana is well rid of him; too bad it didn’t happen 20 years ago.


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Friday, 03 January 2014

In Passing

...and so ‘‘Happy’’ New Year

In which 2014 promises to be more ‘‘interesting’’ than 2013:

Welcome to Venezuela New York.  Let’s check em’ off:

promise ‘‘progressive’’ governing
‘‘graceless and smug’’ speeches
‘‘pointless and tacky haranguing”
‘‘utterly bogus claim(s)”
‘‘We won’t wait!”
Yep, so far, about as expected...

Build Up That Credibility, Gang!  There’s an Election a-Comin’!
Politico has a headline for the ages up right now: ‘‘Management Experts Knock Obama.”  Management ‘‘experts” are just noticing now, after five years, that Obama’s lack of experience is significant.  Maybe these ‘‘experts” aren’t so expert.
(from Power Line)
...or maybe they were too ‘‘fascinated’’ to tell us...
BARBARA WALTERS: ...He made so many promises.  We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but – the next Messiah.  And the whole ObamaCare, or whatever you want to call it, the Affordable Health Act, it just hasn’t worked for him, and he’s stumbled around on it, and people feel very disappointed because they expected more...
Somebody said confession is good for the soul (but I don’t see much confessin’ here).

...and so do hack Chief Justices:
Budget Cuts Imperil Federal Court System, Roberts Says

(via SteveF at Daily Pundit, who replies most succinctly.)

Cold Hands, Warm (?) Heart:
The Chinese icebreaker which helped transport passengers away from a stranded Antarctic ship has itself become stuck in ice
You can’t make this stuff up.

And why will Buffalo(!) be warmer than Indianapolis next week?

Merry New Year, all!

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