Monday, 03 February 2014

In Passing

Welcome back!

Los Angeles Times:

After more than 40 years, ‘‘The Tonight Show’’ is leaving Southern California and heading back to New York...
‘‘I’m old enough to remember when I was in New York and I was a kid, it was, ‘‘Oh my God, the ‘Tonight Show’s’ leaving New York and going to Los Angeles,’ ’’ [Jay] Leno recalled, sitting in the green room next to his studio.  ‘‘It seemed like the most glamorous thing in the world.’’

Things change. New York — a safer, more prosperous city than it was in the 1970s — has solidified its standing as the nation’s media capital, with most of the major news and talk shows originating there.

‘‘‘New York is the bustling city and blah, blah, blah,’’ Leno said.  ‘‘All the excitement’s there, all the movie studios, they start their big campaigns in New York.  So now it’s going back.’’
So.  Will NBC return to a ‘‘bustling city,’’ or more ‘‘blah, blah, blah’’?  Tune in tomorrow...

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Sunday, 02 February 2014

In Passing

Who, Us?

Never let the facts get in the way of The Narrative  Dept

Donald Sensing:
The Gwinnett County, Ga., Democrat party tweeted a shot taken in Atlanta during its snow storm of the jammed, unmoving Atlanta interstate with the caption, ‘‘When you spend more than a decade electing people who don’t believe government should exist, don’t get upset when there isn’t one to plow your exit.’’

Which is amazing because Atlanta has been governed by nothing but Dimocrats for 70 years.
The list:
Atlanta’s mayors since 1942

(HT to ‘‘askeptic’’ for the dept. title.)

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