Monday, 19 July 2010

In Passing

Can I call ’em, or what?

Standard Progressive tricks  Dept
Here, June 17th:
There’s mounting evidence that the current mess is a direct consequence of your lousy ideas.  The opposition will try to say this.  They must be countered.  To defend the agenda, create a distraction: Start a noisy fuss about “leadership,” and hope they’ll be sucked in.  Throw your leader under the bus.
Gabriel Malor, Ace of Spades HQ, today:

It seems the Times has decided to throw the President to the wolves in the hopes that a better candidate will come along by 2012.  How else to explain yesterday’s bombshell ObamaCare articles stating outright that the President’s signature program is a tax and that it will restrict doctor choice?  And then today’s articles, including the GM, Chrysler article I posted about this morning...
Blame your patsy;  protect the Agenda.

Told ya so!

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1 The link to the Malor piece is borken. #  works.

Posted by: Larry Sheldon at 07/21/10 03:47:26 (mMcLI)

2 Thanks!  Fixed.

Posted by: Old Grouch at 07/21/10 13:58:06 (y9S1e)

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