Wednesday, 04 September 2013

In Passing

Heck of a job, guys!

Political Hacks  Dept
...heck of a job by Boehner and Cantor yesterday. Instead of waiting for Obama to make his case they came right out and supported him.  In thanks, Obama blamed Congress for putting the country in this position.  They are so afraid of being called bad names they simply cave for no reason and get smacked around anyway for their efforts.

MORE, from commenter ‘‘Exceptionally Mediocre’’:
I want to see one -- just one -- set of balls from the Republicans in Congress.  I want one guy to stand up, declare this the bullshit it is,vote ‘‘No’’, and get in front of the cameras and explain why King Shanksalot and his merry band of Ivy Leaguers have no clothes.  My kid could do it, and she’s in the first week of Government class.
Unfortunately, the Beltway Republicans don’t have any use for your kid.


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