Saturday, 19 September 2009

In Passing

I have seen the future, and it’s dim

But they can’t black out the moon  Dept

Peter Ashley:
We've seen some jaw-dropping dictats... for some time, but this one beggers belief.  So, from yesterday apparently, it's ‘ban all those perfectly serviceable lightbulbs, use this [CFL] crap instead because it will save a polar bear’.   Ugly, dim, and utterly out-of-step.  And that’s just the Department of Eco Facism.  Will we now have the Lightbulb Police flashing their clockwork torches through our windows- “ere, put that light out, dont yer know theres an iceberg melting?”.  What are cartoonists going to do if theyre stopped from putting the traditional bulb above someones head to denote ‘idea’?...
Don’t laugh Americans, it’ll be here in three years.

Oh well, as Peter says, we can always go back to candles.


(Thanks to “mummylonglegs” for pointing me to Peter’s blog.)

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1 I've been after my wire to start stockpiling bulbs NOW!  I hate those curly, mercury-tainted pistules.

But then, I'm just some cranky, old counter-revolutionary.

Posted by: Crucis at 09/19/09 15:50:48 (rt5ZX)

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