Tuesday, 01 July 2008

In Passing

Is “marketoid” taught, or does it come naturally?

And if it’s natural, can we quick find a genetic test for it?  So we can strangle it in the cradle?

“The launch of XTP[1] is about entertaining the three and half million passengers using the Tube each day.” - Tim Bleakly, Managing Director Sales & Marketing, CBS Outdoor.
Um. No.  It's about pushing advertising in the faces of a captive audience... one that would probably prefer to escape from flashing images on a digital screen for half an hour or so each day.
“We believe that this technology will enhance passengers' journeys...  These hi-tech screens are a perfect complement to the major upgrade work carried out by London Underground in delivering a world-class Tube for a world-class city.”[2] - Richard Parry, Strategy and Service Director for London Underground.[3]
Diamond Geezer:
Like hell they are.

Naming names:
CBS Outdoor was kind enough to provide a list of “partners” here. Should that press release... umm.... disappear, the culprits are: Nestlé (Boosted Smoothies, Purina ONE, Perrier), Sky TV, Magners, Paramount Pictures, InBev (StellaArtois), and Dewynters (advertising agency, various London shows).

Via: Indignant, of Bow

[1] “...giant cinema-style screens... installed opposite platforms at Piccadilly Circus, Euston, Bank, Liverpool Street and Bond Street [Underground] stations to bombard you with cutting-edge advertising intended to ‘enhance’ your journey.” - Londonist

[2] “A world-class Tube for a world-class city.” Yuk! Now I’ve got smarm all over me!

[3] The TFL release says, “[London Underground] Staff representatives were consulted about the introduction of XTP on the London Underground network.” Appears they neglected to consult the passengers.

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