Monday, 14 July 2008

In Passing

The Summer of our Discontent

This comment, by “AnonymousDrivel” at Ace, does a good job of nailing down my dissatisfaction with our putative Presidential choices. It deserves quotation in its entirety:

As we evaluate our “top” Presidential candidates, consider their campaign performances and decision making. Now, what makes anyone think either will improve once in office?

This is not snark. These two possess inadequate judgment to make the difficult decisions correctly. Sure, McCain will righteously fall back on his Iraq stand (one that many had at the same time though certainly not any noteworthy Democrats, if any at all), but McCain was also making that stand to criticize Bush’s policies at the time and not purely as benevolent patriot. History shows he guessed right on one particular issue. In so many others however, he and Obama fail to address coherently, forcefully, issues that trouble this nation. Maybe one could blame their institutional training as Senators participating in the sausage-making that is national politics, but that might just be a copout, too. Just as likely it’s in their blood to be indecisive, muddling, and/or wrong. Neither has a core of principles other than the core that they believe in themselves to do the job. I'm sorry but that just isn’t enough.
Well said.


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